Business Development

Are you looking to drive growth? The best way to do that is to find new opportunities with your existing customers. We'll work collaboratively with you to review your current assets and services and generate ideas for new offerings. Then, we'll validate the offerings with your customers, tweak them to meet need and help you launch new business lines.

Technology Planning

Our experts will review your near, mid, and long-term business objectives and help you develop a technology plan to get there. Our comprehensive review will cover staffing, infrastructure, tools, security and compliance to ensure there are no surprises. We've helped organizations prepare for investment rounds, scale products and shore up operations to drive new growth. 

Product Launch

Let's say you have an idea to revolutionize patient engagement or medical billing or quality reporting, but you have no idea what to do next. Our experts will guide you through market validation (i.e. find out if anyone cares), design and development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and help you land your first paying customer. We'll minimize the guesswork and make sure that you're squeezing every bit of effectiveness out of your limited resources. 

Project Advisory


Large Health IT projects and custom software builds can be intimidating. Most times the project team lacks the deep experience necessary to keep things on track, manage vendors and ensure project success. Our team will become your ace in the hole. We'll guide you through problem definition, vendor selection and contracting. We can even stay on as your subject matter expert until the project is complete.  Our customers experience fewer surprises and fewer delays. They stay on budget and achieve their project objectives.